Snake & Herring ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ Pinot Gris + Riesling + Gewurztraminer 2019


Pinot Gris + Riesling + Gewurztraminer from Great Souther, WA

Aroma: Fresh Pear + Turkish Delight | Palate: Lychee + Lime Juice


Alsace, located on the French side of the border with Germany, is a blend within itself. After a long history of back and forth, the region is an amalgamation of French and German culture and language. This merging of heritage spreads to Alsatian wine, with the noble grapes of the province including Germanic varieties such as Gewurztraminer and Riesling alongside Pinot Gris and Muscat. Whilst the Alsace AOC requires that no less than 100% of a grape be used in a single varietal wine, blends are allowed. They must be labeled ‘Edelzwicker,’ ‘Gentil’ or a named wine. ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ from WA would be referred to as a ‘Gentil’ blend as it contains over 50% of the noble varietals of the region. Wines from Alsace are aromatic and dry in style, which is reflected in this Aussie expression, with it’s notes of floral pear and oyster shell aromatics balanced with a almond cream palate and fresh lime juice acidity. Each grape plays its part with Pinot Gris providing texture with pear skin and slate. The Gewurztraminer is aromatic, with spice and florals. Finally, the Riesling marries it all together with citrus and acidity. The fruit was sourced from the Northern region of the Great Southern, which boasts a terrior perfect for the Alsace varietals.