About us

What is the Misc Wine Box? 

The Miscellaneous Wine Box is an “At home Wine Masterclass in a box”.  The idea was born out of a desire to bring to wine customers, what fans of beer, gin or whisky already have. An ability to try small samples of fantastic products in a fun way. No longer do you have to buy an entire bottle of wine just to find out it’s not to your taste. 

An amazing wine to you, might be average to someone else. The Misc Wine Box allows you to discover your palate. Figure out what you really like, and most importantly, try it before you buy it.

The Misc Wine Box has a weekly rotating line up, so there is always something new to try and discover. Each week we include a game, where we challenge you to match each wine with clues. 

Each Saturday night at 8pm, we will Live Stream our wine tasting. If you want to tune in and watch our Sommelier talk you through the characteristics of each wine, it’s free and interactive.

Zoom code – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81002588730


What you get in the Misc Wine Box?

Each week we curate a new line up of 6 x 100ml bottles of wine, grouping our wines into a theme to highlight different aspects of wine making, grape selection, production and new trends. 

Your wine pack comes with a game board, where you try and match each wine to a different set of clues. Remember tasting wine is supposed to be fun!

You will also be provided with detailed notes about the wines; where it comes from, how it’s made and who makes it. 



Delivery Customers – we deliver the Misc Wine Box every Friday or Saturday, to your door or work place. Normally between the hours of 10am – 5pm.
Full datails can be found here

Pick Up Customers – The Misc Wine Box, can be picked up from our Northcote location on Thursday, Friday or Saturday each week. 



When you get your Misc Wine Wine Box. It is best to throw it straight in the fridge. This will keep the wines at their best. Two hours before you want to do your tasting, take the red wines out and let them come to a cool room temp. 

If stored correctly, the wine should stay fresh for 5 days after delivery. However, we suggest drinking them within 72hr of receiving the Misc Wine Box.